When it comes to matrimony, even today, most of the eligible individuals in India still prefer the age old tradition of "Arranged Marriage". It is something which has been hot-wired into our DNA. And rightly so! Arranged marriage is not just about the lives of two individuals, it is also about a fragile relationship between two families. Therefore, it is not unusual to find parents rushing to a Pandit or family guru to find a perfect partner for their son / daughter. In fact the best match making solution provider in India is a local Pandit or family guru who typically looks after all the religious needs of a family.

In the mushrooming online matchmaking arena Indians still end up at the doorstep of the learned and religious entities, especially to compare horoscopes. This step is inevitable, and essential in Hindu culture.

Matchmaking astrologers in Mumbai and across India, compare horoscopes to seek Guna Milap or favourable virtues of boy and the girl. Typically there are 36 Gunas or virtues. The idea is to find out the number of Gunas that match - higher the number, better the compatibility quotient. Matchmaking consultant in Mumbai looks out for at least 18 Gunas to give the green signal.

In case the parents still decide to pursue such a proposal, then the Pandit intervenes and conducts several rituals to counter the negative effects of such a Dosha.

One needs to seek the services of matchmaking astrology and Pandit ji for matchmaking, such as Pandit Suvashit Raj, the one who is learned enough to offer advice based on Nakshatras or Lunar constellations.

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