Beta Beti Matrimony, is one of the best and largest online matchmaking website which is known for it’s genuine members profile in the entire world. 

Beta Beti Matrimony was founded in the year 2020 by none other than Devashish Sargam ( Raj ) who is a Film Writer and Director in Bollywood & also the Founder & Director of Moonwhite Films International Film Fest. The mission of Beta Beti Matrimony is with one simple vision to provide the best matchmaking experience with integrity.

Our Team :

Team BetaBetiMatrimony.com is a set of hardworking people, with a vision, & a mission and a promise to serve you with the most best, accurate & authentic profiles. BetaBetiMatrimony.com is dedicated to providing you with the ultimate partner search preferences and believes that no other matrimonial service can provide you with the value that BetaBetiMatrimony.com can. 

We, at Beta Beti Matrimony continuously analyse online data to understand customer behavior and work accordingly. We believe to provide  the best and genuine profiles to the members through our high - tech security features.  


  1. 100% Genuine Profiles 

Beta Beti Matrimony is one and the only world’s No. 1 Matrimonial Website which provides the users / members to create their profiles with an option of making a video of the bride or the groom while creating their profiles which shall provide 100% authentication of the profiles.

     2. Authentication of the Users

Beta Beti Matrimony shall provide its members some unique features which we believe none of the matrimonial sites provide, like:- 

i) The Name, Date of Birth, Marital Status & Age once submitted by the user during the registration process cannot be edited therefrom by the user.  

ii) During the registration at Beta Beti Matrimony the users are compulsorily required to attach their ID Proof, Address Proof, etc to maintain the authenticity of the members. 

iii)  During the registration the users are compulsorily required to upload a video of the Bride or the Groom along with uploading the profile picture to again maintain the authenticity of the members. 

      3. Privacy & Security 

You have complete control over your privacy settings and we promise to keep your profile data safe and secure. 

      4. Relevant Profiles 

At Beta Beti Matrimony you get to choose the most suitable & authentic profiles with the detailed preferences as per your partner preference.


      5. Profile & Member’s Gallery Pic Security

Beta Beti Matrimony secures all your photos. No one can simply right-click and download your photograph. It is protected by Beta Beti Matrimony. 


      6. Members Profile Accept, Decline, or Block Facility

Members can Accept, Decline or Block facility ensures that you can communicate only with those people whose you are interested in. You can simply block a person and the member is restricted from contacting you again.



i)  BetaBetiMatrimony.com aims to provide you with safe, authentic & genuine profiles in which you can search and find your life partner.

ii) We also have strict reporting systems for those that do get through our screening systems.

iii) We also have strict reporting systems to keep our members / users away from con - people or Scam people.

iv) While registering at Beta Beti Matrimony the Bride or Groom are compulsorily required to upload his / her video along with the profile picture and also the ID Proof & Address Proof for better authentication and to provide our members / users genuine profiles. 


Match Guarantee

Beta Beta Matrimony guarantees its members to accord 100% verified and genuine profiles.


Accepted members are :

Need to fill up all compulsory details in your profile, create a partner profile, upload your photo and video which is compulsory to get registered in Beta Beti Matrimony. 

Beta Beti Matrimony Vision 

Our vision is very simple the struggle for searching the right life partner should end here by finding the right soulmate.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide people with the best matchmaking experience by our superior technology, genuine profile, in-depth research, valuable matrimonial content & services. Apart from these we also aim to give the highest quality of customer services satisfaction delivered with a sense of warmth, understanding, and respect.


Beta Beti Matrimony Aims at -

  • Displaying more authentic profiles than any other matrimonial websites.
  • Providing uncomparable services.
  • Offering services in a very safe, and courteous manner
  • Maintaining the authenticity of its members through its high-tech security features. 



The main cause behind the establishment of Beta Beti Matrimony is to provide people with 100% genuine profiles & perfect matches along with a very important & unique cause that will make Beta Beti Matrimony different from all other matrimonial websites. 

The cause is that Beta Beti Matrimony will create donations for all the poor Bride or Groom who are willing to get married but do not have enough monetary or any other kind of support. 

So we at Beta Beti Matrimony along with Shri Anup Jalota Ji will bear the expenses to help and organize the marriage ceremony through our donations.